Ryder Spain – Portugal 2018


Spain returns to do with the triumph in this third edition

Competition promoted between the well-known company GreenMowers and the Spanish Association of Golf Managers. The director of La Galiana Golf did not miss this appointment.

This competition took place in Portugal on May 16 and 17 in West Cliffs golf course located on the coast of Óbidos, very close to the beach.

It should be noted that despite how young this golf course is at the 2017 World Golf Awards gala, it was named the best golf course in the world.

Being so close to the beach the 4 Spanish managers qualified to play this competition felt at home, since in the Valencia Community, both in Valencia and Castellón or Alicante there are golf cpurses very close to the beach.

After this third edition the balance of triumphs moves towards the Spanish combined with 2 victories against 1 of Portugal that was in the first edition.

At the end of the competition GreenMowers left open a next edition and continue supporting this beautiful competition.

The teams were composed of the following players:

España: Carlos Fernández Grande (RACE), Julian García Mayoral (Castillo de Gorraiz), Francisco Martos (Los Moriscos), David Bedia (Campo de Logroño), Gabriel Sota (Ramón Sota Golf), Pablo Guerrero (Guadalmina Golf), Marcos Lería (Escorpión), Ignacio Simancas (Lorca Golf), Alberto Iglesias (Font del Llop), Rafael Martinez Mazarredo (La Galiana), Eduardo Tapia (Marina Golf) y Carlos Garcia (La Sella Golf).

In black the spanish players – Valencian Community – Valencia – Alicante – Costa Blanca

Portugal: Francisco Cadete (Praia del Rey/West Cliffs), Alexandre Barroso (Troia), Carlos Castro, Miguel Lourenço (Lisbon Sport Club), Antonio Silva (Boavista), Marco Andrade (Montado), Hugo Pinheiro (Penha Longa), Pedro Fonseca (Amarante), Manolo De Miguel (Ponte de Lima), Pedro Castelo Branco (Golf Tatto) y Manuel Heitor.


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