Post-Covid19 golf course opening protocol


La Galiana Golf course will reopen its dors in may of 2020. FREE COVID.

We all really want to be able to open golf courses and enjoy our favorite sport in an incomparable outdoor environment, but after this virus that has hit us in such an unprecedentedly serious way, we have to exercise caution and have standards of quality, hygiene, disinfection, customer service etc … like we have never had before.

That is why the golf courses, associations and federations set out to create protocols that make the player feel comfortable upon arrival at the golf courses and enjoy the sport without thinking of anything beyond doing good Outcome.

This sport, as you well know, is one of the healthiest in all ages, both physically and psychically, so after this covid, from La Galiana Golf Resort, we recommend it more than ever.

Each golf course will have its small differences in terms of post covid protocol, since each golf course is different, which is why from La Galiana Golf we are going to show you the standard protocol that the Royal Spanish Federation has sent and communicated Golf.

However, it will be necessary to see if the Government asks us for anything more to add to the golf courses.

In La Galiana Golf we are going to act above all with common sense, and to the protocol that we will show you next, we must add, the temperature taking on the arrival of workers and clients, the limitation of capacity throughout the golf course and the promote online booking as far as possible via all official channels such as the web, email or telephone, where we recommend email to all of them as you will have personalized attention, you will be sent a booking confirmation and rules of play and use of the golf course.

We can guarantee that La Galiana Campo de Golf will be a virus-free course.