Play golf in the best field of Valencia


If you are looking for the best golf course in Valencia, we recommend you to visit La Galiana Golf Course

The golf course is located in a valley isolated from any urban environment in perfectly preserved Mediterranean forest.

It has a wide presence of different types of pines as well as a large collection of shrub species

The total area of ​​the farm is 200 hectares of which 60 are for golf and its facilities.

Due to the orography of the farm and its plant wealth green spaces are created that in some cases are considered hazards and in others out of bounds but without a doubt they are the greatest added value of the route.

The transformation suffered from agricultural environment to golf course, caused some of the holes to run at different levels.

It offers the sensation of having sculpted the ground in the rock of the mountain.

Without a doubt, the main intention of the design is to create a golf course in which the natural environment recovers its space.

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