Golf tournament – September 2020

Golf Tournaments September 2020 at La Galiana Golf.

After a long time without golf tournaments, September brings the best tournaments to La Galiana Golf.

From the first weekend of September to the last, players who like to compete keep a close eye on our competition calendar.



Locos Por El Golf

The best golf tournaments are played on our golf course.

For example, the Gambito Premium tournament will only be played at our golf course on the entire Valencian coast.

Do not miss the possibility of playing the best competitions in September.

Call 961 103 838 for more information.

Golf course closed 03/08/2020 – 08/07/2020

Golf course closed first week august 2020.

From August 3 to 7, the La Galiana Golf course will be closed as we will proceed during these days to carry out maintenance work related to the irrigation system, drains, bunker improvements and updates to the maintenance hall.

They are performances that would greatly complicate the game and normal use of the golf course and for this reason there will be no outings on those days.

On Saturday, August 8, 2020, the golf course will once again be open normally and in perfect condition.

Please excuse the inconvenience but we consider it essential to continue offering the highest quality to our customers, undertake these updates.

Post-Covid19 golf course opening protocol


La Galiana Golf course will reopen its dors in may of 2020. FREE COVID.

We all really want to be able to open golf courses and enjoy our favorite sport in an incomparable outdoor environment, but after this virus that has hit us in such an unprecedentedly serious way, we have to exercise caution and have standards of quality, hygiene, disinfection, customer service etc … like we have never had before.

That is why the golf courses, associations and federations set out to create protocols that make the player feel comfortable upon arrival at the golf courses and enjoy the sport without thinking of anything beyond doing good Outcome.

This sport, as you well know, is one of the healthiest in all ages, both physically and psychically, so after this covid, from La Galiana Golf Resort, we recommend it more than ever.

Each golf course will have its small differences in terms of post covid protocol, since each golf course is different, which is why from La Galiana Golf we are going to show you the standard protocol that the Royal Spanish Federation has sent and communicated Golf.

However, it will be necessary to see if the Government asks us for anything more to add to the golf courses.

In La Galiana Golf we are going to act above all with common sense, and to the protocol that we will show you next, we must add, the temperature taking on the arrival of workers and clients, the limitation of capacity throughout the golf course and the promote online booking as far as possible via all official channels such as the web, email or telephone, where we recommend email to all of them as you will have personalized attention, you will be sent a booking confirmation and rules of play and use of the golf course.

We can guarantee that La Galiana Campo de Golf will be a virus-free course.


Reservations in La Galiana Golf post Covid-19

Hello everyone,

At La Galiana Golf we think that your health is the most important thing and that is why we are going to adopt some measures to make reservations and game rules during your visit that guarantee that our golf course is Free Covid.

From the reopening in this new “era” all reservations must be made by email to

The rules on arrival at the golf course will be as follows:

Game rules:

Golf Course Rules post covid19

La Galiana Golf & Resort

We return to write a post about the construction of the hotel, since the speed is really good and the deadlines if nothing unusual happens and the hotel will be completed by the end of this year 2019.

There is a firm commitment between the construction company H Terrats and the ownership of the golf course in which these times are fulfilled, and all of them are doing their part to make this happen.

Once the work is delivered, we will start with the next phase that will make the hotel look good so that in the spring of 2020 we can receive the first customers.

As we told you in the previous post of the blog, the hotel we are building will have all the services of a great resort, SPA, Restaurant, Outdoor pool, Pool bar, Meeting rooms, 24 hours service, Gym … In addition from spectacular views from every room to the golf course.

The images you can see are views of what will be, and in this way you can better understand the concept of hotel that we will have in a short period of time.

Remember that La Galiana Golf is one of the best golf courses in Spain, Valencian Community, Costa Blanca, Valencia.

Greetings to everyone, we will continue to inform you.

Hotel La Galiana Golf & Resort construction

Hotel La Galiana Golf & Resort construction

First video and images of the construction of the future hotel in La Galiana

Since the end of May of this year 2018 has put all the machinery, step by step in the construction of the hotel that will complete the golf touristic offer in La Galiana, in a first phase, access roads and prepare all the area where the hotel will be built. All this within a year and a half, with which, this means that during the first quarter of 2020 if there is no unforeseen, we can have the first guests.

The architect Pilar Roger is the one who signs this project and the construction company Terrats which will shape it and make it a reality.

A 4 star hotel with all the qualities, latest technologies and service so that everyone who visits us enjoys a unique experience. 48 fully equipped rooms of which 2 will be suite, SPA, outdoor pool, gym ….

To all this we must add the construction of the new clubhouse, which as many of you know, until now the whole business was developed in a provisional modular clubhouse, and with that put the icing on this great project.

We will continue to inform you of the entire construction process.

La Galiana Golf & Resort (Spain – Comunidad Valenciana – Costa Blanca – Valencia)





Ryder Spain – Portugal 2018


Spain returns to do with the triumph in this third edition

Competition promoted between the well-known company GreenMowers and the Spanish Association of Golf Managers. The director of La Galiana Golf did not miss this appointment.

This competition took place in Portugal on May 16 and 17 in West Cliffs golf course located on the coast of Óbidos, very close to the beach.

It should be noted that despite how young this golf course is at the 2017 World Golf Awards gala, it was named the best golf course in the world.

Being so close to the beach the 4 Spanish managers qualified to play this competition felt at home, since in the Valencia Community, both in Valencia and Castellón or Alicante there are golf cpurses very close to the beach.

After this third edition the balance of triumphs moves towards the Spanish combined with 2 victories against 1 of Portugal that was in the first edition.

At the end of the competition GreenMowers left open a next edition and continue supporting this beautiful competition.

The teams were composed of the following players:

España: Carlos Fernández Grande (RACE), Julian García Mayoral (Castillo de Gorraiz), Francisco Martos (Los Moriscos), David Bedia (Campo de Logroño), Gabriel Sota (Ramón Sota Golf), Pablo Guerrero (Guadalmina Golf), Marcos Lería (Escorpión), Ignacio Simancas (Lorca Golf), Alberto Iglesias (Font del Llop), Rafael Martinez Mazarredo (La Galiana), Eduardo Tapia (Marina Golf) y Carlos Garcia (La Sella Golf).

In black the spanish players – Valencian Community – Valencia – Alicante – Costa Blanca

Portugal: Francisco Cadete (Praia del Rey/West Cliffs), Alexandre Barroso (Troia), Carlos Castro, Miguel Lourenço (Lisbon Sport Club), Antonio Silva (Boavista), Marco Andrade (Montado), Hugo Pinheiro (Penha Longa), Pedro Fonseca (Amarante), Manolo De Miguel (Ponte de Lima), Pedro Castelo Branco (Golf Tatto) y Manuel Heitor.


Iberian Cup 2018



Agreement jeweler’s shop Bulgari Valencia

 La Galiana Golf – Bulgari Valencia

La Galiana Campo de golf belongs to the association of tourism of luxury and of quality of Valencia, Valencia Premium.

An association that fights in order that the city of Valencia is positioned since one of the best destinations as for tourism we refer.

Until 1 year ago, in the association no golf course was appearing, clearly, if we speak about quality tourism and luxury, the golf courses had to be, in this case La Galiana it could not be absent.

The golf courses that associated were: La Sella Golf, Oliva Nova Golf and La Galiana Golf.

Three golf courses that they bet very loudly for the tourism of golf, a tourism that leaves an average ticket of high expense and a tourism that beside enjoying this beautiful sport called golf, she likes to visit the city, to taste our good gastronomy, to do shopping, etc…

Valencia Premium:

There assembles the most exclusive tourist and singular offer of target Valencia and his environment, in order that his trip to Valencia is the only, personalized and unforgettable experience.

In Valencia Premium he will find, the best hotels, golf courses, receptive agencies, restaurants, companies of transport, trades and experiences of target Valencia.

Provided that 2 companies belong to Valencia Premium, we contacted ourselves and immediately we saw the best way of which the brand Bulgari was present for all our clients and to our golf course it was contributing value.

The signature of high jeweler’s shop and watchmaker’s Bulgari from his headquarters in Valencia, put at the disposal of our golf course 2 clocks of the model Octo of wall, in order that they were marking the hours of exit of the players who visit us.

To have a clock of these characteristics and for this need, the great majority of quality golf courses have it worldwide, with which our clients will see that in La Galiana Golf the most minimal detail looks after itself even.

Since always quite for and for the good to be of the player in our facilities, that his experience is 100 % satisfactory, and of thus, only have in his head return to our city and our golf course.

Thank you for reading our first entry to the blog