Agreement jeweler’s shop Bulgari Valencia

 La Galiana Golf – Bulgari Valencia

La Galiana Campo de golf belongs to the association of tourism of luxury and of quality of Valencia, Valencia Premium.

An association that fights in order that the city of Valencia is positioned since one of the best destinations as for tourism we refer.

Until 1 year ago, in the association no golf course was appearing, clearly, if we speak about quality tourism and luxury, the golf courses had to be, in this case La Galiana it could not be absent.

The golf courses that associated were: La Sella Golf, Oliva Nova Golf and La Galiana Golf.

Three golf courses that they bet very loudly for the tourism of golf, a tourism that leaves an average ticket of high expense and a tourism that beside enjoying this beautiful sport called golf, she likes to visit the city, to taste our good gastronomy, to do shopping, etc…

Valencia Premium:

There assembles the most exclusive tourist and singular offer of target Valencia and his environment, in order that his trip to Valencia is the only, personalized and unforgettable experience.

In Valencia Premium he will find, the best hotels, golf courses, receptive agencies, restaurants, companies of transport, trades and experiences of target Valencia.

Provided that 2 companies belong to Valencia Premium, we contacted ourselves and immediately we saw the best way of which the brand Bulgari was present for all our clients and to our golf course it was contributing value.

The signature of high jeweler’s shop and watchmaker’s Bulgari from his headquarters in Valencia, put at the disposal of our golf course 2 clocks of the model Octo of wall, in order that they were marking the hours of exit of the players who visit us.

To have a clock of these characteristics and for this need, the great majority of quality golf courses have it worldwide, with which our clients will see that in La Galiana Golf the most minimal detail looks after itself even.

Since always quite for and for the good to be of the player in our facilities, that his experience is 100 % satisfactory, and of thus, only have in his head return to our city and our golf course.

Thank you for reading our first entry to the blog